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A Cruisin’ News Interview With Ted Ritter, Part I

Cruisin’ News: Why Would A Lawyer Want To Advertise In Cruisin’ News.

T.R.: Larry Lazareff encouraged me to do it.

Cruisin’ News: How long have you been a lawyer?

T.R.: since 1978.

Cruisin’ News: What kinds of legal matters do you handle?

T.R.: We have a general practice with three attorneys and seven support staff. We handle most types of legal work: real estate, wills, estates, traffic cases, business, civil and criminal cases.

Cruisin’ News: How did you learn of Cruisin’ News.

T.R.: I belong to Corvettes Unlimited and I have helped out at Cruise Night for a number of years.

Cruisin’ News: Do you have a Vette?

T.R.: We have a ’99, a ’59 and a ’66 – all convertibles.

Cruisin’ News: Any other collectibles?

T.R.: We recently bought a 1964 GTO hardtop.

Cruisin’ News: Tell us about it.

T.R.: My son, Matt, spotted the ad for the car; we called the owner and arranged to see it that weekend. Once we saw it, we bought it on the spot.

Cruisin’ News: Is it an original car or has it been modified?

T.R.: It’s a ninety-nine percent original time capsule: It has the 389, 4 speed, three-twos, posi, and some other nice options. We bought it from the second owner. It came with lots of documentation.

Cruisin’ News: Did you buy it for show or go?

T.R.: It’s definitely a “driver” class automobile. I’m hoping to eventually have Charlie Mulholland improve the cosmetics.

Cruisin’ News: Do you belong to any car clubs besides Corvettes Unlimited?

T.R.: I joined the Antique Automobile Club of America in 1964. I also belong to the Cohanzick Antique Auto Club and the Model A Ford Club of America.

Cruisin’ News: 1964! You go way back.

T.R.: Yes, I do. In fact, I had a 1930 Model A Ford my senior year at Vineland High.

Cruisin’ News: What sparked your interest in cars?

T.R.: Ben Notaro deserves some of the blame. As a kid, I was crazy about baseball cards. I had a lot of 1950’s cards: Mantle, Mays, Koufax, Ashburn – that era. Meanwhile, Ben worked at his aunt’s neighborhood store on East Avenue. Ron Stretch and I used to go over to the store in the afternoons and read the car magazines… without buying them of course. Eventually my baseball cards were packed away and I bought a 1929 Model A. I was only 14.

Cruisin’ News: Hey, do you still have those old baseball cards?

T.R.: Actually, I sold my baseball card collection in 1994 to pay for our ’66 Vette.

Cruisin’ News: Is there anything else you want to tell our readers?

T.R.: Many folks have an uncomfortable feeling about lawyers. It may be due in part to the tasteless lawyers’ ads you see on T.V. My message is that I’m just a local guy… a car nut from way back… who happens to also be a lawyer. I hope that combination will appeal to people who read Cruisin’ News and who may have a need to consult with a lawyer.

To Be Continued…

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