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A Cruisin’ News Interview with Ted Ritter, Part II

Cruisin’ News: First, we thank you for your many years of advertising in Cruisin’ News.

T.R.: They say it pays to advertise! Truthfully, quite a few people have told me that they have noticed my ads in Cruisin’ News.

Cruisin’ News: It’s been a while since we last had a chat. We know that you’ve owned antique cars since 1964. When did you become interested in Corvettes?

T.R.: I wanted a Corvette before I was old enough to legally drive. I finally bought my first Corvette in 1969.

Cruisin’ News: How about the Corvette Club?

T.R.: I joined Corvettes Unlimited back in the 1970’s when the club met at Perkins Pancake House. I later lost interest but rejoined when my son, Matt, became interested in Corvettes.

Cruisin’ News: When was that?

T.R.: Matt joined Corvettes Unlimited when he was 16. He is now 24. He has had his own Corvette since he was 17.

Cruisin’ News: He sounds like a chip off the old block.

T.R.: I guess you could say that I’ve passed my old car affliction onto him.

Cruisin’ News: In your legal practice, do you handle cases involving collector cars?

T.R.: I’ve had quite a few. The one which immediately comes to mind is a “bait and switch” consumer fraud case involving a low mileage 1995 Viper advertised in Hemmings. The sale was a very professional con job.

Cruisin’ News: What did you do?

T.R.: We sued the dealer and several other individuals who were working with the dealer.

Cruisin’ News: How did that case turn out?

T.R.: It’s not over. So far we’ve recovered about four times the Viper’s purchase price.

Cruisin’ News: Any other interesting cases?

T.R.: In 1999, I made the first recovery in the State of New Jersey on a used car dealer bond. That case involved the purchase of a 1965 GTO purchased by a collector from Rosenhayn.

Cruisin’ News: Do you specialize in collector car legal cases?

T.R.: There are not enough of those types of cases to call it a “specialty”. Let’s just say that I’ve handled more collector car legal cases than most attorneys.

Cruisin’ News: Have you bought anything interesting lately?

T.R.: We recently bought a 1964 GTO hardtop. Matt located the car for sale in Western Maryland.

Cruisin’ News: Tell us about it.

T.R.: The same night that Matt spotted the ad for the car, we called the owner and arranged to see it that weekend. Once we saw it, we bought it on the spot.

Cruisin’ News: Is it an original car or has it been modified?

T.R.: It’s a ninety-nine percent original time capsule: It has the 389, 4 speed, trips, posi, console and some other nice options. We bought it from the second owner. It came with an incredible amount of documentation.

Cruisin’ News: Did you buy it for show or go?

T.R.: It’s presentable but it’s definitely a “driver” class automobile. I’m hoping to eventually have Charlie Mulholland improve the cosmetics.

Cruisin’ News: When you take your GTO for a ride, who drives?

T.R.: Usually Matt.

Cruisin’ News: Do you have any other hobbies?

T.R.: Are there any other hobbies?

Cruisin’ News: How about Matt?

T.R.: Matt is a big NASCAR fan.

Cruisin’ News: I hope we can continue this conversation in a future issue.

T.R.: Sure … be glad to.

Cruisin’ News: See you on the Avenue.

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