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Wills And Trust Remain Crucial Aspects Of Estate Planning

Estate planning consists of a number of significant parts and as well as options. Wills and trusts often come to mind and remain essential parts of an estate plan. Should you create a will, or a trust? You must decide, but it is a decision you should make based on knowledge and insight from an experienced estate planning attorney.

The Ritter Law Office, L.L.C. in Bridgeton, New Jersey, is a team of skilled attorneys committed to our clients. We focus on a collaborative approach in creating an estate plan that may include a will or a trust. Our attorneys will explain the differences, which one may be best for you, and then help you assemble an estate plan, giving you and your family peace of mind.

We Can Explain And Help You Decide

Established in 1978, our law firm is well-respected throughout southern New Jersey. Our three attorneys have gained similar respect from legal peers. Founding attorney Theodore H. Ritter has been named to the Super Lawyers list for the past 16 years since 2005. Attorneys Susan E. Iacovone and Matthew W. Ritter each have made the Rising Stars list in the past.

When it comes to wills, we can help you formulate every detail and address key factors, including:

  • How you want your assets disbursed among heirs and beneficiaries.
  • The naming of an executor, who will carry out the terms of the will.
  • The naming of guardians for your minor children as well as dependent adults in your care.
  • The need to revise and update your will when matters change in your life. Such changes may include a marriage, divorce and parenthood.

An estate plan with a trust also can help you manage your affairs while you are still alive. Some important elements of trusts include:

  • A trust allows you to retain privacy as it is not a matter of public record. Wills, though, are part of the public record.
  • The terms within the trust can be changed at any time.
  • The probate process in which wills are verified is avoided with a trust.

Our attorneys want to help you prepare for the future, and having either a will or a trust as part of your estate plan can help you.

An Experienced Law Firm Can Help

You get more than 80 years of combined legal experience at The Ritter Law Office, L.L.C. in Bridgeton, New Jersey. We are a skilled estate planning law firm that can help you decide whether to create a will or trust. For an initial consultation, please fill out this online form or call +1-856-451-3030.